RTI International

internet and intranet applications

Research Triangle Park, NC • 2000–2010

RTI International is an independent, nonprofit institute that provides research, development, and technical services to government and commercial clients worldwide. Their mission is to improve the human condition by turning knowledge into practice.

As a Research Programmer/Analyst at RTI, in collaboration with departmental managers and technical staff, I developed custom web applications and integrated commercial products with institute-wide information systems on the intranet and extranet including

  • large document collection, online data repository and website indexing and search services using Google Custom Search Engine and Webinator with multilingual support and REST interfaces,
  • email list services integration with the marketing content management system for automated newsletter generation using Lyris ListManager's SOAP API,
  • digital asset management for use by corporate photographers using Canto Cumulus,
  • event registration and management tools custom built in ColdFusion,
  • web analytics and SEO optimization using Google Analytics, WebTrends, SmaterStats, and Analog,
  • e-commerce gateways integrating internal transaction processing, finance systems and PayPal, and
  • informational kiosks with remote content updating custom built in ColdFusion.

I researched, tested and recommended the purchase of enterprise COTS applications to corporate stakeholders and worked jointly with staff and consultant systems engineers in configuring, installing and administering the applications. I also provided mentoring to junior developers and technical assistance to cross-departmental teams on web technologies and information architecture.

As the corporate Webmaster, I developed and maintained the external marketing website (www.rti.org) as the Office of Communications’ lead programmer and analyst including all ColdFusion, JavaScript and MS SQL application programming in close consultation with the web management team. I integrated Flex and JavaScript third-party tools with corporate data resources to create rich internet applications, information visualization, link sharing, web analytics and social media. I also launched multiple site redesign cycles as lead programmer, in collaboration with communication team members, including

  • analysis of taxonomies and information architecture in a complex content ecosystem,
  • creation of online customer surveys and reporting tools,
  • translation and adaptation of site design layouts across all content templates types,
  • application of corporate graphic design standards, and the
  • programming and analysis support of marketing/SEO campaigns.

I architected and implemented content management systems that facilitated the syndication of corporate content across internal and external channels through RSS, SOAP and REST interfaces.

As the Technical Project Manager for the RTI Publications Database project, I programmed and managed a research publication reference information management system with diverse data mapping processes including automated imports from PubMed via Reference Manager, multiple public and private access portals and automated Publication Bulletin email newsletters. I provided coordination and oversight of technical development team, cross-functional planning groups and consultant services in an ongoing effort to expand and improve the publication database. I also consulted with research projects on information architecture, research ontologies and knowledge management architectures related to publication and citation data.

User Interface Design

External Marketing Website (http://www.rti.org)
standalone HTML slideshow
RTI Publication Database (intranet)
standalone HTML slideshow
Assignment of Scientists to Authors
interactive application mockup in Basalmiq
Brochure Manager Prototype
Adobe Flex UI design


Brochure Manager Workflow Website Redesign Concept Map

Information Architecture

Translation of a Sitemap to Taxonomy Ownership and Distribution of Content