NC Solar Center

a solar energy extension specialist

NC State University • Raleigh, NC • 1993–2000

Created in 1988, the North Carolina Solar Center originally focused on solar energy. Over the years, the “Solar Center” has grown and expanded and serves as a clearinghouse for renewable energy programs, information, research, technical assistance, and training for the citizens of North Carolina and beyond.

As a solar energy extension specialist for the N.C. Solar Center, I led the Passive Solar Buildings Program and conducted public education outreach in passive solar architecture, environmental building design, green building technology, energy analysis and daylighting simulation. I also programmed the Center’s first website in ColdFusion, developed intranet information databases, produced technical and consumer publications and led professional training workshops. In cooperation with the NC Agricultural and Industrial Extension Services and international, national, state and local renewable energy and green building associations, I helped coordinated statewide seminars, solar home tours and conferences.

My work as a policy analyst was for the National Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy project (DSIRE) - a national clearinghouse for consumers and industry on utility, state and local government renewable energy incentives, loans and grants funded by the U.S. Depart of Energy and Interstate Renewable Energy Council. I oversaw the research, analysis and authoring of two staff policy researchers and presented policy research papers at national renewable energy conferences. Using multiphase surveys and online resources, I researched and documented policies and produced comprehensive national reports for consumers and industry. I also developed an online policy website in ColdFusion that delivered policy search, summary data and resource links to the public.

As the program manager of the Energy Efficient Affordable Housing Program, I edited construction specifications, designed home plans, and produced homeowner information kits. I also organized training events for volunteer organizations and local agencies in energy efficient and affordable rehabilitation and new home construction.

Solar Energy Books

Sunbook: a Guide to Solar Energy in North Carolina
Solar Home for North Carolina 2
Solar and Renewable Energy Resources in North Carolina (cover)

Program Brochure

Fall 1998 Solar Center Calendar

Technical Factsheets

Do It Yourself Solar Applications: for Water and Space Heating
Passive Solar Home Design Checklist
Passive Solar Options for North Carolina Homes
Sunspace Design Basics

DSIRE Report and Conference Papers

National Summary Report on State Financial and Regulatory Incentives for Renewable Energy
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The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy: Utility Programs and Incentives Report
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The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy: State Programs and Regulatory Policies Report
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State Financial and Regulatory Incentives: Return of the Power?
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