Sucrose.io: SugarCRM's Business Chart Library

SugarCRM's Business Chart Library based on D3 and using the NVD3 reusable component pattern. An example progressive web application with examples of all supported chart types is available at sucrose.io with configuration options, chart image snapshotting and development download features.

jRoulette: a touch enabled image browser

jRoulette is an image slideshow carousel which means that the slides loop from the end to the beginning and vice versa. Developed as a jQuery plugin, jRoulette supports swipe gestures, automatic start, pagination, and left/right bumpers. Although the final version retains little semblance to the original, Andrew Marcus & Love Media jBond Slider served as the inspiration and the code starting point. Many thanks!

Flexigrid-S: extensions to the jQuery table plugin

Flexigrid-S is a series of enhancements to the jQuery table plugin Flexigrid that allow for sorting, searching and pagination of static HTML data tables. Flexigrid is an awesome tool for adding interactivity to tabular data but most features require Ajax calls to a backend XML/JSON data provider to refresh the visible rows. This works well for clients with a high speed connection and for data sources that support the various data set manipulations. Conversely, Flexigrid-S extends the base plugin with methods that dynamically modifying the visible rows of a large static HTML table. Thanks to Paulo P. Marinas and team for an awesome plugin.

Escher's Knot: an interactive model in Processing

Escher's etching of a trefoil knot (1965) was the inspiration for this multidimensional version which was modeled, rendered and animated in Processing. Immersed in the realm of mathematics and working primarily in print media, Escher is to me as the essential technical artist. Most of the four months that it took to build this model was spent learning about polynomial curves, knot theory, Frenet frames and matrix translations…good times. All M.C. Escher works copyright © The M.C. Escher Company B.V. -Baarn-Holland. All rights reserved. www.mcescher.com

Skill Quadrants: visualizing experience vs. understanding

Understanding the skill level and experience a job applicant has within a business domain is complicated by the rapid change in technology as well as the market. A technologist has to surf the ever changing waves of acronyms and buzzwords; picking out the potential winners, investing in core skills and letting go of the fun in exchange for the functional. Lists can't adequately convey this dynamic set of competing demands. A quadrant chart (popularized by Gartner's Magic Quadrants) can encode not just the what, but also the how well and the how long—key attributes in evaluating the suitability of a potential candidate. Skill Quadrants—where you've been, where you're going.

Brochure Manager: a document manager in Flex

This application was written in Flex as a demonstration and prototype for the RTI International marketing department as a web tool to manage the print-on-demand of brochures. As my first attempt at programming in Flex, it took a while to let go and the Flex language do the work rather force it to behave like HTML.There is much more work that needs to be done to make this a fully functional application.

JavaScript Arborist: tools for manipulating a hierarchy

This laboratory page implements a number of web technologies including JavaScript namespaces,  consuming REST data resources and transforming that data using XSL. Rather than using an Ajax call to update the tree details panel, I use anchor links targeting an iFrame -- also known as NoJax.

RTI International: internet and intranet applications

As the corporate Webmaster and Research Programmer/Analyst at RTI International from 2000 to 2010, I developed and maintained the external marketing website (www.rti.org) including all ColdFusion web application programing and UI design implementations. I also collaborated with departmental managers and technical staff on intranet website projects.

NC Solar Center: a solar energy extension specialist

From 1993 to 2000, I worked as a solar energy extension specialist for the N.C. Solar Center at N.C. State University, conducting educational outreach in passive solar architecture, environmental building design, energy analysis and daylighting simulation. I also worked as a policy analyst where I researched and produced comprehensive national reports for consumers and industry on utility, state and local government renewable energy incentives. I learned ColdFusion during the development of the Center’s first website and an online DSIRE policy resource website.